The success of our company is based upon the marketability of our products and services. The securing and extension of this marketability depends directly upon Quality and Reliability.

-The Work Environment, Health and Safety of our staff as well as third parties are an important factor in all of our activities.

Smartech-Solutions has structured its health, safety, quality and environment policy around the following areas:

-          Our activities focus on our customers

-          We are committed to Quality, Work Safety and Environment

-          Collaboration in a spirit of trust and confidence includes all staff members

-          Take human factors into account.

-          Raise attitudes and behaviors to a higher level.

-          Strengthen the safety culture

-          The company and the jobs it provides are secured by economic success.

Our efficiency and our objectives are demonstrated - among other things - by the fulfillment of the following principles:   


-          Ensure to meet agreements made with the Client, considering all legal considerations and Smartech Solutions standards.

-          Quality, Work Safety, Health and Environmental Protection together with economic success are equally important..

-          The behavior of Management regarding safety and environment serve as a role model to others.

-          Careful planning and performance prevent accidents and incidents.

-          Quality, Work Safety, Health and Environmental Protection require continual improvement.

-          Operating at all times with all means in an environmentally friend manner.

-          Reducing waste and preventing pollution.

By application of our Integrated Management System, we guarantee our clients to carry out orders with Quality, Safety and Reliability. These systems make company processes clear to all staff members and consequently improve the cooperation. They establish a relationship of personal confidence between Smartech Solutions on one hand and the client on the other hand. The employee himself is responsible for the quality of his work and for observing the regulations of work safety as well as health and environmental protection. By doing so, the Employee supports the Management in their overall responsibility to realize the company objectives.

Certification ISO 9001 : 2015

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