Gas compression & power generation

Gas compression & power generation

For many years, SMARTECH has been partner with global leaders in natural gas compression and power generator packagers. This has helped SMARTECH provide a strong technical network of specialists and services to assist you with your needs. We see these unions as positive steps to bring us closer to our customers, enabling us to provide more efficient services. Our longstanding OEM relationships and OEM-trained field engineers will continue to be available to support your sites, train your operators and manage your assets, all with the goal of satisfying your high expectations with regard to reliability and availability.

All Aftermarket Service activities are handled by SMARTECH supported by its partners to avoid any disruption in your services or in your ability to purchase parts.


We offer many sizes compression packages and services from large scale facilities to smaller, short term projects. We have the people, equipment, facilities and infrastructure in place to help projects succeed.


We offer integrated power generation using existing site gas flows to generate electricity near the point of use; then used to power equipment for gas production and processing, motor drive residue compression, along with auxiliary equipment.


The GTI Bi-Fuel System from Altronic, is an innovative technology that enables operators of light and heavy duty diesel engines to substantially reduce operational costs and lower emissions by substituting diesel fuel with lower cost, cleaner burning natural gas.


Fuel gas conditioning systems, known as fuel gas filtration and heating packages, are designed to deliver clean, treated natural gas with the right pressure. Conditioning is crucial to the performance and lifetime of gas-driven equipment. The treated gas can also be used as seal gas, blanketing gas or utility gas.