our strategy

our strategy

Core Strategic Principles

Invest in People

INSPIRE : Develop, challenge, and grow our people , our most important asset.

SHARE : Talent, experience, knowledge, and opportunities across the company.

REWARD : Recognize colleagues' performance by sharing business returns.

Perform as Promised

DELIVER : Promise what we can deliver. Deliver what we promised.

LEVERAGE : Unique experience, global reach, deep capabilities, diverse talent, and shared culture — for the benefit of our customers.

EXECUTE : Discipline and continuous improvement of world-class work processes and procedures.

EARN OUR REPUTATION : Uncompromising ethics, safety, and extraordinary delivery on-time, on-budget.

Build Our Company for the Long Term

BALANCE : Short-term risk and reward with a long-term perspective. Think, plan, and act with the long-term interests of our customers, our industry, and our company in mind.

ACTIVELY MANAGE : Balanced portfolio. Be the best, not the biggest. Improve and build on our differentia­tors, especially our integrated EPC self-perform model.

INNOVATE & INVEST : Continually improve competitiveness. Increase delivered value to our customers.